anger management

(Chani R) #1

any ideas for teaching a kid how to manage/express his anger?

(YCB ) #2

@GoldieRubin EFT?

(Chani R) #3

Good idea! I didn’t think of that! We’ve used it for fear clearing but nothing else.

(Chani R) #4

are you tagging @GoldieRubin because she is an EFT practitioner? I think it might be more beneficial if we did it thru someone rather than on our own. I’m way out of practice, haven’t used EFT for probably 10 years or so.

(YCB ) #5

Yes she is. Goldy is amazing at what she dose.

(Sarah B) #6

What is eft? I’d like to learn more.

(Margo Levy) #7

Yes, I’d like more information on EFT as well please…

(Goldie ) #8

Hey Ladies, EFT is a simple tool that is a combination of tapping on ourselves mainly points on the head and upper body while saying how we feel. The points are acupressure (energy pathways) points on the body to create balance and inner calm while uncovering a triggering/ emotional topic. I’m currently running several workshops on this topic and I’m available for private sessions online and in person. You may reach out to me for more information on this topic at 845-269-2393 :pray::heart:

(Devorah Schectman) #9

I have been very pleased with conscious discipline.