Bed wetting

(Nech) #1

My 8 yo son still wets the bed at night, any ideas or remedies you can share with us.

(EP Admin) #2

Is he a mouth breather? Have you ever checked him for sleep apnea?

(Nech) #3

He is, I never thought to have him checked for that, all my kids are mouth breathers and he is the only one with that issue.

(Ariella ) #4

Look into Manuka Honey

(Amanda Semel) #5

Try giving him thiamine which is vitamin B1…use the form benfotiamine such as by Seeking Health (thiamine HCL is a crappy form)…thiamine often helps with this

(Nech) #6

Ty! Will try

(Devora Cziment ) #7

My son stoped bed wetting when we took care of his tongue.

(EP Admin) #8

Please look into mouth breathing as the effects are likely beyond what you imagine.

(Lorecba) #9

Can u post a link or picture of the B1 you recomend ?
And what doses and for how long ?
Thanks so much.

(Amanda Semel) #10


How old is the child? My 4 year old was taking 1 capsule per day

(Lorecba) #11

Thanks so much. I ll try it.

(Lorecba) #12

Hi Dear
Can u explain how to take care of the tongue? Mind my ignorance …

(Amanda Semel) #13

Just to clarify…what is the specific issue with the tongue?