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Hi ladies, please talk to me about iuds. I’m seriously considering the copper iud. We have 3 young kids (3.5 and under) and as much as I want more, our marriage is very strained at the moment.
I haven’t gotten my period back yet, but I’m constantly terriffied of getting pregnant again so quickly. I’ve considered diaphragm/spermicides but I can’t see it working for us. We don’t really talk about intamacy or plan things so I would be going through preparations for no reason.
Once my period is back, I suppose I can track ovulation, but I’m still feeling insecure about that method.
Thanks ladies.

(YCB ) #2

Hi try posting this in holistic moms group. So woman see your post.
The woman’s circle group is the Rosh Chodesh gatherings.

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Oy sorry, I’m not sure how to use this forum yet. Thank you.

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How do I find the hollistuc mom’s group?

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I’m not sure how to find the holistic mom’s group- maybe you can be added by asking an administrator.
But regarding your question, I think this issue of non- damaging birth control is a very relevant one to many of us.
I’ve heard of many women using an herb- Queen Anne’s Lace (not sure if spelled correctly), which you only need to use a protocol the morning after- a certain number of times. That way, you don’t need to be prepared/ go through preparations for no reason. Also, once you get your period back, you can also know which days you are ovulating by tracking your window of fertility through FAM - awareness of your body’s signs of ovulation and fertility ,and then you would only need to take the Queens Anne’s Lace on the days before and after ovulation. I wonder how much information we can get about our fertility even without a period. There are helpful books on this- Such as TAking Charge of Your Fertility. These are things I still need to learn more about as well. Wishing you a loving and connected relationship.

(Mila Grinberg) #6

Thank you!