Febrile seizures

(Bracha L ) #1

My almost 6 month old had seizure from very high fever ( 105). First timer so was pretty nerve wracking for me. Took her to doc and he sed she had rlly bad double ear infection. I usually treat it naturally but this time first 2 days nothing was improving so now she on abx… maybe theres something else ontop of that idk… shes also on tylenol and it’s been 5 days already. Any suggestions? Can I detox her after all these meds? How do I go abt the seizure in the future?

(YCB ) #2

I’m so sorry. Try posting this in holistic moms. Not sure ppl will see it here

(Bracha L ) #3

How do I do that?

(Miri) #5

Holistic moms is on this board? Or is it on another board?