Sugar substitute in baking

(Chaya G) #1

What’s a good healthy sugar substitute for baking?

(R.S. ) #2

Honey, coconut sugar.
Honey use half amount as sugar
Coconut sugar is 1:1.

(Chaya G) #3

Thanks! Is coconut sugar the same consistency as regular sugar? Can someone who is a diabetic have coconut sugar? What about someone with a sensitivity to sugar? If something is made with coconut sugar is it considered sugar free? Sorry so many questions!

(R.S. ) #4

Definitely don’t be sorry about so many questions. I just honestly don’t know the answers. I’ve never personally used coconut sugar but I know many people who do.
I don’t know about diabetics, and sugar sensitivity, but I would assume it would be an issue since presumably coconut sugar affects insulin levels. Even honey has an effect on insulin although it raises the levels gradually vs. Spiking up the levels as sugar.
In the long run, honey can also cause issues since the body often doesn’t recognize the change at the beginning.

I think the only thing that is considered truly sugar free is fruit.

For diabetics dates are the most popular and healthies “sugar substitute”. You can crush dates with some pecans and cinnamon to make brownies, or something. There are many recipes on line.

Sorry if this isnt much help, but I don’t know much about this subject. All i know is to avoid as much added sugars (in all forms) as much as possible.

I hope someone else can be of more help.

@Hedva ??

(Chaya G) #5

Ok thank you so much!

(Rosemary Cook) #6

I love the consistency of coconut sugar in baking, I find myself a lot of the time sweetening with blackstrap molasses and grade B maple syrup in my baking. Makes things more moist in consistency and I like the added health benefits of minerals in both.