Frying Pans

(Rina Chandalov) #1

Hey. What kinds of frying pans are healthy and safe to use? Thanks for any recommendations!

(Hedva) #2

We use stainless steel.

(Rina Chandalov) #3

But how do you keep everything from sticking??

(Hedva) #4

The trick is to get the pan hot before adding oil. It definitely gets messier than non stick, but it works.

Another option is cast iron. But there’s a learning curve with those.

(Rachel Sara Aragi) #5

We have salad master pans. They are expensive but so much helathier than anything standard pans.

(Ita teigman) #6

I prefer a quality heavy stainless steel but my kids like the “new” generation of porcelain cookware like cuisine art - green gourmet line.

About cast-iron: I used to believe from the literature that using this cookware was health enhancing & still have my pans.

Recent revelations by those who REALLY dig into health are not so sure that the inorganic metal from the pans doesn’t cause heavy metal toxicity vs “organic” iron from produce that is essential to health. There are herbs that are particularly rich in minerals that provide these essential nutrients.

Knowledge is power - keep getting & sharing how we can optimize our families’ well being - we need ALL we can get!