Daughter with no interests

(R) #1

I have a daughter who has no interests or drive for anything. She’s 6 1/2 years old. Anyone have any ideas ?

(Hedva) #2

How is her diet? Is she getting quality sleep? Is she a mouth breather (this can effect sleep)?

(R) #3

Thanx! Interesting! Didn’t think of that

(Rosemary Cook) #4

Does she have a lot of screen time? iPad, iPhone, television? As this can affect and distract the child from having interests…

(R) #5

Good thought. She doesn’t. She has lots of down time so it becomes a challenge very often

(Rosemary Cook) #6

Does she have an organized play space? Often if it’s messy or unorganized they have difficulty figuring out what to play with and be interested in.
Have you tried teaching her how to finger knit? Or give her a singing bowl and teach her some yoga moves and get her her own little mat? Enroll her in something like karate once a week to build confidence in herself?

(R) #7

Thank you rosie! Great ideas! Definitely should try to expose her to more activities/hobbies