Pareve Dinner

(Rebecca ) #1

Any ideas for a pareve dinner? @Bat

(sarah grunbaum) #2

Fish or fish patties; a quinoa bake with beans and some good hearty sode dishes like spinach or roasted veggies and soup

(Rebecca ) #3

Thank you Sarah! That sounds awesome!

(EA) #4

Chili with beans, chickpeas, edamame, sweet potato, corn.

(Devora Cziment ) #5

Any good soup ideas?

(Rebecca ) #6

Orange soup! Super easy!
Lots of onions, couple pieces of chopped garlic (optional),sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash. Once soft, purée with immersion blender, salt, pepper and you can add coconut milk (optional) at end if you want it more creamy

(YCB ) #7

Wild rice

(Rebecca ) #8

Ty sounds delicious!

(Devora Cziment ) #9

Yum! I got my kosher catch fish today… how did you make your salmon?

(YCB ) #10

Honey Any kind of panco crumb.
replacement for Soy sous of your choice
Mirin and lots of sesme seeds

(Devora Cziment ) #11

Thank uou

(Fortune Haske) #12

can u post recipe for ur veggies?

(Jennie Landsman) #13

Buddha Bowls!
I use whatever veggies I have on hand, here’s a good recipe to base it off of.

(Sarah Kurtz) #14

Sounds delicious. I recommend using 2 solid grains throughout a week and pair with a carbohydrate protein or fish to make a complex protein meal.

(R.S. ) #15

Falafels, pitta, salads, and of course “chips.”

Also u can put Falafels in tortilas.

Parve chilli (use quinoa instead of meat) in tacos.