Itchy skin condition

(Malka Solomon) #1

My 3 year old has had an itchy rash that comes and goes for the past 3/4 weeks. We put eucerine after the bath, tried eliminating dairy, eggs, and gluten for a little (maybe not long enough)… went to a traditional allergy dr who tested for these allergies and she tested negative. Didn’t change any cleaning products or detergents. We went to a holistic chiropractor but it didn’t help. Feeling so alone and really don’t know who to seek for help. She’s so uncomfortable and itchy. She has dry patches on her skin but the itch and redness is only on chest, neck, and face. If anyone has any suggestions of where to turn please let me know, we live in NJ. Thanks!!

(Chava) #2

Is it eczema? Probiotics can really help for that.

(Malka Solomon) #3

I’m not sure, the allergy dr did think she had a very mild form. But I’m just wondering what could be triggering it. I give her a dose of probiotics daily as well vitamin d.

(Chava) #4

So with my child with eczema, the dose of the probiotics is once daily, I give him 3 doses (spread out meaning 1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 night). It took a couple of weeks of doing this daily and his eczema was for the most part gone. Probiotics can be tricky because depending on the child different probiotics work better. But with a child with eczema I would defiantly double or triple the dose. You will see if you are giving them too much if it starts bothering their stomach

(Chava) #5

I have yet to find out the underlying cause for his eczema but I have clearly seen that antibiotics makes it much worse so I really try to never give him any

(Julia Jadidian) #6

Sounds like could be eczema to me. Baths should not be too warm and should be short. Don’t put extra layers of clothing on her because the sweat can encourage the rash. Weleda calendula ointment is excellent for eczema just must apply 2-3 times per day (3 times is optimal) and should notice a difference in a few days. You can buy on amazon or by calling weleda and speaking fo Petra, the chief pharmacist, for her opinion. Start this route and then please let me know if this addresses the issue.

Common allergens are dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, corn and egg. Corn and soy are usually genetically modified and can cause chronic reactions. If you are nursing, you would also have to eliminate these foods to see what is causing it and slowly add them back.

Otherwise, I would recommend our naturopath, Pina LoGiudice at Innersource health for a free 10 minute phone consult and mention my name. 631-421-1848

Best of luck! Pls keep in touch.

(Razel Lerman) #7

In my experience, the best thing for eczema is allergy elimination with a Bio-SET or NAET practitioner, and maybe also HK. Only these kind of practitioners can detect allergies correctly. I prefer Bio-SET because the system starts with testing & treating things within one’s own body like organs, glands, & systems. They also test/ treat for allergies to vitamins, minerals, bacteria, molds, etc before they even get to foods.

Dr. Schick in northern NJ does NAET among several other modalities. The only Bio-SET practitioner I know of in the area is in Park Slope Brooklyn. I’ve heard back from people that she is very good.