Sourdough recipes

(Esther S.) #1

For all sourdough bakers, I’d love to hear all your favorite recipes. TIA!

(Rebecca ) #2


(Chani R) #3

Would love to learn more about sourdough. Can we use it if we are gluten free? Or is it wheat/gluten based?

(Esther S.) #4

You can use gf starters :slight_smile:

(Esther S.) #5

Flourless throw away brownies

(SK) #6

In honor of rosh chodesh kislev…doughy, chewy, sourdough doughnuts. Worth all the effort :smiley:!

(Chani R) #7

I would love to learn how to make and use sourdough. Anyone know of a YouTube that explains it? I’m in Florida, trying to find someone to teach me but having difficulty.

(SK) #8

You can private message me and we can figure out how to get you started!

(Devora Cziment ) #9

Oooh can I make these dough nuts with spelt?

(Devora Cziment ) #10

Thank you SK

(Rosemary Cook) #11

I found an amazing Gluten free challah recipe I have a book called gluten free artisan bread in 5 minutes a Day by Jeff hertzberg MD

(Rosemary Cook) #12

(Rosemary Cook) #13

Please see my post on gluten free option for challah bread that I have had success with Incase you are not successful with sour dough. Also the book is very helpful for gluten free mamas!