Vitacost Shopping List

(Hedva) #1

Vitacost carries lots of organic, wholesome items, and they have a 20% off food items every few weeks. This is the best way to stock up on pantry staples and healthier snacks. Please post links for the items you love.

(Hedva) #2

My kids love just about all Simple Mills items. These make a great snack or special dessert. Gluten free, but it’s almond based, so not an option for nut free schools.

(Hedva) #3

Coconut sugar.

(Hedva) #4

Coconut Milk. I actually prefer the one from Trader Joe’s, because that one has no added gum.

(Hedva) #5

Raw cashews

(Hedva) #6

One Degree has sprouted cereals, some are gluten free.

(Hedva) #7

Gluten free organic soy sauce.

(Hedva) #8

Organic vanilla extract.

(Hedva) #9

Organic maple syrup,

(Hedva) #10

Organic potato chips.

(Hedva) #11

Sea Salt

(Hedva) #12

Organic instant coffee (don’t drink too much, it’s not good for you!)

(Hedva) #13

Eden Organics has beans, spaghetti sauce, mustard, etc.

(Hedva) #14

Mary’s Gone Crackers

(Hedva) #15

Traditional Medicinals teas. These may be cheaper on Amazon if you buy 6 boxes at a time.

(Hedva) #16

Organic avocado oil mayo.

(Hedva) #17

Frontier brand is amazing. You can get spices and herbs in bulk.

(Hedva) #18

Artisana has all sorts of organic nut butters (check kashrut on specific items, I know some have, not sure about all).

(Hedva) #19

Tolerant pastas, gluten free.

(Hedva) #20

Woodstock has ketchup, nut butters, etc. Check kashrut of specific items.