Our Forum Initiatives & Rewards

(Enriched Parenting) #1

We would like to thank everyone who signed up for Enriched Parenting Online Forum. We are excited about building this community and looking forward to it’s growth. Congratulations to @Hindy for being the winner of our first raffle. We have a new initiative this month to give other members of our community more chances to win great rewards.

- The top three most contributing users this month on the forum will receive a $100 gift card
- Every person who refers 3 friends to the forum (they have to be new to Enriched Parenting and must tag you in their intro) will receive a stainless steel Enriched Parenting mug!

Engage! Interact! Spread the word! Start a conversation! Let’s bring new activity and life into our community and connect with others! The reach of this forum can help other people and the forum is a safe space where your input and questions matter. Our appreciation for your support is endless and we promise to keep improving the forum.

(Enriched Parenting) #2

(Hindy Hecht) #3

Thank you again @EnrichedParenting for offering this to our community! And for the fun raffle! I look forward to connecting more online and offline! Can’t wait to meet some of you and hope it can happen soon! Thank you!

(Ita teigman) #4

I’m so grateful to Rebecca & staff for working hard to make the Enriched Parent community happen! I love the supportively warm & empowering atmosphere that is like a genuinely big happy and connected family. Every new member is valued for her unique presence & contribution. I can already see the book about the Enriched Parent Community make it to all the “best seller” lists. Going back to nature albeit with the technology that allows us to learn from each other & bask is each other’s warmth and chizuk is the way to to a beautifully conscious life full of nachas & exhilarating joy. I hope to share & learn the motherly intuitive wisdom that will help us all flourish to the max. I’m working on 2 intense courses presently. functional medicine & conscious-birth doula. I’m excited to promote childbirth & lifestyle education that will lead to the most optimal robust health & function. That’s my intro…back to studying…I don’t think I can be too participatory until my courses are over. Any mom who’s passionate about educating about genuine health - you will LOVE my mentor CARLA ATHERTON of the healthy familyformula .com site. Check it out if becoming a practitioner is for you & please send my love to CARLA.