Welcome to Enriched Parenting! Introduce Yourself!

(Zilpah grossman) #50

Hi my name is Zilpah I am part of the WhatsApp group and would like to be part of the privet group

(Enriched Parenting) #51

Hi Ziplah! So glad you are a partof our community! You have been entered in the raffle!

(Shuli Knapp) #52

Hey I’m Shuli! My sisters and i have started this journey of health together and it’s been a very eye opening experience!

(Goldie ) #53

Hi my name is Goldie Rubin I live in NY. I’ve always been passionate about holistic lifestyle and have been leading one as a mom of 3 BH. I’m a Registered Nurse and an EFT practitioner and have been trained in Health Kinesiology and other energy modalities. I’ve just started some exciting classes incorporating a blend of what I know and love. I’m so so excited that these ideas are spreading rapidly through the forums of Enriched Parenting and I’m honored call you a friend Rebecca. May this bring health and healing on a personal and global level.

(Nira Eckstein) #54

Hi, my name is Nira. Looking forward to connecting with other parents who are learning about -or already thinking holistically - outside of the box - of standard american/western lifestyle.

I ventured down the tunnel that led me to natural/holistic way of living wjen confronted with healing my son, and mainstream medicine offered no hope or real help. I opened my mind to other options … and that led to changes. I am always learning more.

My motto: "keep learning… when you know better, you can do better ". This goes for all of us.

Pursuing natural alternatives - through eating healthier, minimizing toxins, and natural healing approaches - is the way to healing our families from a chronic illness lifestyle that is all around us.

I am excited that enriched parenting has started this – which is open to all but I hope especially good for those pf us who share in common a frum jewish lifestyle.

Thank you Rebecca and @EnrichedParenting for expanding the interaction to outside of NY …!!
( I live in PA. ).

(Rika Keck) #55

Good evening everyone,
I am excited to be part of this group. I am a holistic health coach, specializing in assisting clients who are dealing with Lyme disease, co-infections, mold toxicity, histamine troubles… and children who have been diagnosed with Autism or PANS / PANDAS. I am excited to be part of this group with an emphasis on whole wellness for the parents, child and unborn. My interest in holistic wellness for children, parents, for parents-to-be, and for those who have been seeing many doctors with illnesses without resolution, is a driving force of why I am passionate in exploring all avenues that contribute to healing opportunities. Thank you for such a valuable community, Rika

(Rebecca ) #56

Goldie I am so honored to have such an incredible person as a friend! So happy you’re here❤️

(Rebecca ) #57

So happy you are here Nira and thank you for sharing your story with all of us here!

(CS) #58

Hi. I would love to be added to this online forum. Thank you

(Erica Buchman) #59

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m Erica, I am here because I know that holistic living is the right way. Getting there however can be challenging. For me, having a strong support system is the most crucial part! When we all combine our hours and hours of learning to help one another - were unstoppable.

(Sara Spielman) #60

Thanks Rebecca and @EnrichedParenting for all the selfless work you do to bring knowledge and power over our health back in the hands of parents where it belongs! It’s great being part of your community that you’re building here!

(Rika Keck) #61

Yes, having Dr. Palevsky speak was terrific, and also the lovely and delicious treats! Thank you Rebecca and Enriched Parenting.

(Enriched Parenting) #62

Thank you! Please answer your private message.

(Elle) #63

I’m Elle. Love the whatsapp group and have learned so much. Am here for more! @EnrichedParenting

(Enriched Parenting) #64

Hi Elle! So glad you are a part of our community! You have been entered in the raffle! :grin:

(Basya) #65

Hey, I’m Basya, I’ve always been interested in health related matters, and as the years have gone by I have definitely found more of an interest in alternative and holistic health. I am so happy to have found a community of like-minded people. I hope to continue learning new things and making new friends.

(Lisa ) #66

Hi, I’m Lisa. I just joined the forum and am looking forward to embark on this new hollistic journey. I can’t wait to become more knowledgeable in this area. Thank you :slight_smile:

(CB) #67

Hi my name is Chana. I’m on a journey traveling towards a more holistic life and am excited to learn more about it.

(Chani R) #68

Hi, I’m Chani. We are always looking to learn more about living holistic and I really appreciate @EnrichedParenting for helping share the Holistic message to the Jewish world! This form sounds like a great place to keep the topics together in an organized way! Thank you!

(rebecca kessler) #69

Hi, I’m Rebecca Kessler and I’m so happy to be part of this group. Looking forward to meeting like minded mommies and learning new wonderful things I can incorporate into our way of life. @GoldieRubin