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Please add me to the hollistic mom’s group. Thank you!

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Hey everyone, my name is Batya, I’m here to educate myself and my family to leading a more of a holistic lifestyle. Thank you!

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Shalom Chaya Battino;
Wow, you’re certainly not sitting in a comfy chair twiddling your thumbs. Kol Hakavod!
Someone in a WhatsApp group about vaccines put a link to your letter of your bio & the terrible tragedy of your son from the flu vaccine. I was trembling with empathy for your & his grief. What to say, I have no idea except to wish/bless that Hashem send you folks tons of joy.
(P.S. I’m new here. In brief I got into alt health modes after standard med almost killed me.)
Yaakov Bar-Nahman

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Hi! My name is Rosie, I am here to continually expand on knowledge of holistic health in all aspects of life to better my family, friends, and clients!

I am currently providing holistic nutritional counseling to women regarding dietary guidance for optimization for overall health, fertility and healthy conception.

I am very passionate about helping women conceive and reach their goals with health through making changes in nutritional and lifestyle.

I look forward to learning more from everyone on this forum!

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Thank you Rosie;
How & where do I introduce myself?

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Thank you for asking Yaakov,

You can call or text: 516-504-5774
email: Rosie@TheRoseprogram.com

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Yakov, introduce yourself right here. :grinning:

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Okay I found a reply button in your post B"H
My mother za"l while only 5’ 1" “tall” was a really top level nurse, who was like a daughter to Dr Wallach & his head nurse Nurse Zelma (The Original Shaarei Tsedek Hospital). She was the kind that could already tell part of the blood count by just looking at the blood in the syringe, & who caught doctors in Rx mistakes. Dedicated is a small word for trying to describe her as a nurse or as a mother.
My father a"h was a blacksmith, farrier & machinist, plus during Israel’s independence war an explosives expert & army field medic.
I was born in Israel during the British Mandate, before the state. Back then Rehovoth was smaller & the Sha’rayim section was a rural suburb owned by 4 Yemenite families. We rented a house with a some land around it. Moved to USA when I was a toddler. To Philadelphia, inner city neighborhood. Up to 6th grade went a typical American Orthodox school combining Kodesh with secular subjects. My father then transferred me out to public school. I was in academic Jr High & High school, & had to take Latin as part of prep for pre-med in college. Nu what do you expect? Father a field medic & then a volunteer ambulance attendant,& mother a top level nurse who worked with a doctor & nurse both of whom are legends in Israels medical history.
At age 17 got jumped from behind by 4 thugs of the city’s (illegal) Nazi party gang, cracked skull & shoulder, damaged kidney. Emergency surgery on kidney to save my life, reconstructive surgery on shoulder. The gang leader’s father was a police captain so they never got arrested. Well not by human police, but Hashem took care of every one of them, terminally.
Fast forward to college: Pre-med & I had questions. Questions that were not supposed to be asked, like what about research in depth about effectiveness & safety of medicines & vaccines. Blacklisted from medical schools. So “settled” for getting training & work as a paramedic & as a clinical & surgical assistant. Later also digital electronics technologist.
Fast forward to 1976 caught a chest cold, Dr gave syrup to dry the cough. It got worse added steroids. He refused to order X-rays. Syrup & steroids… In brief developed quadruple pneumonia, developed intrinsic & extrinsic asthma. wonderful ahem. Was bed ridden needed inhaler to get out of bed to go to toilet, again when I got there, again to get up to return to bedroom & again to keep breathing when I got back to bed. Had to use inhaler to be able to eat. I was 5’10" yet down to 99 pounds/45 kg. Friends who came to visit took me to their dr who immediately ordered X-rays. My lungs were in state of emphysema! vital signs really poor. New dr weaned me off the steroids & warned never to take them again, too me off the syrup & Rx’d antibiotics. I heard about some company that sold super strong natural vitamins. Bought them & they gave me strength, I could feel vitality returning. Within a few weeks I was well enough to taper off the inhaler from over 10 times a day to twice a day. Soon after that I was about strong enough to go public library. I was determined to find a different mode of health care then the one that almost killed me.

Some of the modes I read about seemed unrealistic to me, or some like acupuncture were something I couldn’t do myself, nor learn. Homeopathy caught my eye. It was started by Dr’s who like me were seeking something better than standard medicine. It was very well tested, documented etc. But do I learn to use it? Aha, next to the big super technical fat books was a book made for laymen. A home first aid book. Took it home. learned it inside out. Found remedies to control & cure pneumonia & asthmatic attacks. the book also had a list of Homeopathic pharmacies in the USA. Wow 1 in center city Philly & 1 in the nearby suburbs! I ordered by phone. Picked them up & they were less expensive than standard medicines too. Also there I found phone the number of a group of Kentian homeopaths in a suburb at the edge of the city. “Of course you can come learn with us, & no there’s no charge”
Soon I was able to run again. My lightning speed 50 yard dash was back! 100 yarder pretty good too. Within a half year I was able to take care of any regular family health care need from common cold to mumps measles etc & even a burn so severe the periosteum of the fingers was exposed & had a lot of bleeding.
Now jump to 1982 I was back in Israel seeking a homeopathic pharmacy found 1 in Yerushalayim asked them about classical homeopaths & got the phone number of 2. They were organizing an association for classical homeopaths. I became the tenth. We began bringing in top lecturers from around the world, our group was growing & our knowledge growing in leaps and bounds.
I worked for a while in an Israeli hospital as the department head of the medical instruments of the entire hospital. I saw up close what a mess standard medicine can be.
I was one of Israel’s 1st homeopaths to be Hashem’s agent to successfully cure cancer & THE 1st to cure SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythmotosis).
But I did not yet know about the dangers of vaccines.
That knowledge hit me when a DPT almost killed 1 of my sons. Not only that, but the absolute refusal of the pediatricians to agree to test for it, refusal to accept my Dx. He got to turning blue-gray from lack of oxygen, dr refused to sign an order for ambulance! A friend took us to hospital while I was administering shiatsu emergency breathing treatments to keep him alive! At the hospital they put him on 100% oxygen & I kept releasing the pulmonary constriction attacks. A microscope slide blood test proved my Dx was right. But he was so far into the disease that antibiotics could no longer work. The doctor told me that it would be best for the child to be at home in an oxygen tent with me helping him in attacks. BUT he would only release us if I taught him the shiatsu technique for the breathing aid. DEAL made. So for 6 weeks I sat in the room 24/7 day & night even daily prayers, eating & studying Torah there next to the oxygen tent on the crib. 15 or 16 other children from families in the same clinic also got very ill with whooping cough like my boy. We demanded a talk with the clinic manager & an investigation. That was 2 days before Shabbat. “Wait till the day after Shabbat & we’ll meet”. We agreed. BUT the morning of the proposed meeting we all got calls. “The meeting is cancelled because the cleaning lady accidentally unplugged the fridge, so no refrigeration for 45 hours. The vaccines all had to be trashed. So we cannot do any investigation.”
Get the picture? That was the last vaccine he ever got & his younger brothers got zero.
With my science & medical background, along with my intrinsic curiosity I have discovered just how corrupt the entire medical industry is, with the vaccine section being among the worst of it all. Al Capone would have felt perfectly at home. But he was small change next to what is going on there.
Anyhow I’m happy to be here to learn & teach/help.
Yaakov B

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Hello everyone! So happy to be here with all of you for mutual support and sharing.

It will come as no surprise to you that I am often criticized for my holistic-minded practices and feel out of place in a milieu where other people’s wellness practices, foods, and medicines are my poisons.

Two horrific medical mishaps that nearly took my life prompted me to walk this path. I often feel I’m walking it alone, particularly now as I’m dealing with an ovarian mass and haven’t an inclination to go under the knife. I search for a way back to well-being and vitality, and my search is not over yet.

I long for supportive community, and I hope this can be one for me/us.

Best wishes and health to all!

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Miri call me at 0587675398 or whatsApp to me maybe Hashem will make me HIS agent to help with that ovarian mass
Yaakov B

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Wow, what an amazing story! So happy you found this forum.

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Thank you Hedva. So am I

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what an incredible story. most of all, i am awed by your humility, and your constant reference and credit to the TRUE Rofei Cholim; Hashem. thank you for sharing this with us.

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OOps, it appears I replied to someone’s post, when I had in mind to start my own. My apologies. Will see if I can remove this and place my intro in a new thread.

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sorry, I’m not on whatsapp. Email works for you?

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yes. webdoar@gmail.com

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Thank you RS.
After thousands of hours in clinical work & over 2,000 hours in surgeries I realized that, what my late mother taught me, “anyone with eyes in his/her head should be able to see that we do not heal anyone. It is only Hashem with us as HIS tools. Since when does a tweezers or scalpel have something to be proud about?”
In tractate Kidushin page 82 side a it is written “The best (good) doctors go to Gehinom”. Rash"i and several other commentators say it is due to their arrogance & pride.


My name is Chani Caplan and I am happy to find this forum with people who live a holistic lifestyle like me!

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Brukha Haba’ah Chani Caplan Eishet Cohen

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“In the decade before 1963 when a vaccine became available, nearly all children got measles by the time they were 15 years of age. It is estimated 3 to 4 million people in the United States were infected each year. Also each year, among reported cases, an estimated 400 to 500 people died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 1,000 suffered encephalitis (swelling of the brain) from measles.”